In the realm of online slot games, a fiery adventure awaits within the mythical kingdom of Phoenix. Prepare to embark on an electrifying journey with Trial of Phoenix, a captivating slot game brought to you by the renowned developer, Superjili. This immersive game combines a thrilling storyline with stunning graphics an an unforgettable experience filled with riches and rewards.

Trial of Phoenix transports you to a mystical realm where the legendary Phoenix reigns supreme. This visually stunning slot game seamlessly blends ancient mythology with cutting-edge gaming technology, providing an unparalleled gaming experience. With itsivating storyline, vibrant graphics, and innovative features, Trial of Phoenix promises to ignite your passion for online slots.

Trial of Phoenix Overview

Trial of Phoenix is a visually stunning slot game developed by the skilled team at Superjili. With a remarkable 96.5% return to player (RTP), this game ensures fair and exciting gameplay. Set on a vibrant 7×7 grid, players will aim to land winning combinations across the reels to unlock treasures and rewards.

Trial of Phoenix
Trial of Phoenix

The game is packed with special features that enhance the gameplay, including the captivating Scatter Symbol, the dynamic Cascading Reels, and the thrilling Free Game Feature. These elements, combined with its visually rich design, make Trial of Phoenix a highly engaging and rewarding slot experience.

Immersive Graphics and Storyline

Trial of Phoenix takes players on a journey through a mystical realm, where ancient ruins and lush landscapes serve as the backdrop for an epic tale. The game’s visuals are meticulously crafted, with vibrant colors and intricate details that bring the mythical kingdom to life.

The storyline follows the adventures of a brave warrior who embarks on a quest to uncover the secrets of the legendary Phoenix. As players spin the reels, they will encounter various symbols and characters that play a crucial role in the unfolding narrative.

Innovative Layout and Ways to Win

Trial of Phoenix features an innovative 7×7 grid layout, offering players numerous ways to win. With a staggering 49 paylines, the game provides ample opportunities for players to land winning combinations and unlock lucrative rewards.

To spice things up, the game includes a unique layout expansion feature. As players progress through the game, they can unlock additional rows in the grid, increasing the potential for even bigger wins.

Engaging Bonus Features

One of the standout aspects of Trial of Phoenix is its engaging bonus features. These features not only enhance the gameplay experience but also offer lucrative opportunities for players to increase their winnings.

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter Symbol plays a crucial role in Trial of Phoenix, acting as the key to unlocking incredible rewards. Landing 3 or more Scatter symbols triggers a spectacular bonus feature that will leave your heart racing. Each Scatter symbol contributes to the total win multiplier, offering players the chance to achieve significant payouts.

Cascading Reels

The Cascading Reels feature adds an exciting twist to the gameplay. Whenever a winning combination is formed, the symbols involved in the win will disappear, and new symbols will cascade down from above, potentially creating new winning combinations. This dynamic feature keeps the action going and increases the chances of landing multiple wins in a single spin.

Free Game Feature

The Free Game Feature is a highly anticipated bonus round in Trial of Phoenix. To trigger this feature, players must land a specific combination of symbols on the reels. Once activated, players will be awarded a number of free spins, during which they can enjoy unique features and increased winning potential.

During the Free Game Feature, the layout may expand further, offering even more paylines and chances to win big. Additionally, special multipliers or wild symbols may come into play, enhancing the overall excitement and potential payouts.

Trial of Phoenix Symbols and Paytable

Trial of Phoenix features a diverse range of symbols that contribute to the game’s immersive experience and lucrative payouts. Here’s an overview of the symbols and their corresponding values:

SymbolDescriptionPayout Value
PhoenixThe majestic Phoenix symbol, representing the game’s namesakeHighest payout
WarriorThe brave warrior embarking on a quest to uncover the Phoenix’s secretsSecond-highest payout
Treasure ChestAn ancient treasure chest filled with richesModerate payout
JewelsPrecious jewels in various colorsLower payouts
Card SuitsStandard card suit symbols (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades)Lowest payouts

Players can refer to the game’s paytable for a detailed breakdown of the payout values for each symbol combination. The paytable is accessible within the game interface and provides valuable information to help players maximize their winnings.

Game Rules

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience, it’s important for players to familiarize themselves with the basic rules and mechanics of the Trial of Phoenix slot game.

Gameplay Mechanics

Trial of Phoenix is a straightforward slot game that follows the standard gameplay mechanics. Players can adjust their bet size and spin the reels to start the game. Winning combinations are formed by landing matching symbols on adjacent reels, following the active paylines.

The game features an autoplay function, allowing players to set the reels in motion for a predetermined number of spins without manual intervention.

Win Calculation and Payouts

Wins in Trial of Phoenix are calculated based on the combination of symbols landed on the active paylines. The payout values are determined by the game’s paytable, which lists the corresponding wins for each symbol combination.

Players can choose to collect their winnings or gamble them in a risk feature, where they can potentially double or even quadruple their winnings by correctly predicting the outcome of a card draw or a series of coin tosses.

Betting Options and Responsible Gaming

Trial of Phoenix offers a wide range of betting options to cater to players with different bankroll sizes and risk appetites. Players can adjust their bet size by selecting the desired coin value and the number of paylines they wish to activate.

It’s important to note that Trial of Phoenix is a game of chance, and players should always practice responsible gaming. Setting a budget and adhering to it, as well as taking regular breaks, can help ensure a fun and enjoyable gaming experience.

Potential Glitches and Technical Issues

While Superjili strives to provide a seamless gaming experience, occasional glitches or technical issues may arise. In the event of any disruptions or irregularities during gameplay, players are advised to contact the customer support team for assistance.

Superjili takes fairness and player protection seriously, and any reported issues will be promptly investigated and addressed to ensure a fair and transparent gaming environment.

How to Play Trial of Phoenix at Superjili

Playing Trial of Phoenix at Superjili is a straightforward process that can be done from the comfort of your own device. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Create an Account: Visit the Superjili website and sign up for a new account. This process is simple and secure, requiring only basic personal information.
  2. Deposit Funds: Once your account is created, navigate to the cashier section and choose your preferred payment method to deposit funds into your account.
  3. Access the Game: From the Superjili game lobby, locate the Trial of Phoenix slot game and click on it to launch the game interface.
  4. Adjust Bet Size: Before spinning the reels, use the betting controls to set your desired bet size. This allows you to customize your gameplay experience based on your bankroll and risk tolerance.
  5. Spin and Play: Click the “Spin” button or use the autoplay feature to set the reels in motion. Keep an eye out for winning combinations and any special features that may be triggered.
  6. Collect Winnings: If you land a winning combination, your winnings will be automatically credited to your account balance. You can choose to collect your winnings or continue playing with your accumulated funds.

Superjili offers a user-friendly platform and responsive customer support, ensuring that your Trial of Phoenix gaming experience is seamless and enjoyable from start to finish.


Trial of Phoenix is a captivating slot game that takes players on an unforgettable journey through a mystical realm. With its stunning visuals, engaging storyline, and innovative features, this game promises to ignite the passion of slot enthusiasts and casual players alike.

From the dynamic Cascading Reels and the thrilling Free Game Feature to the lucrative Scatter Symbol payouts, Trial of Phoenix offers an immersive and rewarding gaming experience. With a remarkable RTP of 96.5%, players can enjoy fair and exciting gameplay while chasing the ultimate prize – the legendary Phoenix’s treasures.

Whether you’re a seasoned slot player or a newcomer to the world of online gaming, Trial of Phoenix at Superjili is an adventure you won’t want to miss. Embark on this fiery quest, unlock hidden riches, and let the flames of the Phoenix guide you to victory. Join Superjili today and immerse yourself in the magic of Trial of Phoenix for a chance to claim legendary rewards and experience the thrill of the ultimate slot adventure.